Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nabila Talcum Powder

Fragrant and freshen the body.

MYR 6.00

Cream Facial Cleanser 100gm

Remove make up, suitable for oily face and removes dirt. Suitable for all types of skin.

MYR 7.50

Cosmetic Set

1. Facial Foam
2. Toner
3. Day Cream
4. Night Cream

MYR 19.00/each (Facial Foam/Toner)
MYR 24.00/each (Day/Night Cream)
MYR 72.00 (1 full set)

Lipstick Blood Changing Color 3gm

MYR 16.00

Compact Powder 16gm

MYR 8.00

Medicated & Pigmentation Powder 40gm

Helps to remove blackheads on the face and refines skin.

MYR 5.90

Sinus Powder 90ml

To help solve skin problems such as sinus, itchiness, and pigmentation. Suitable for sensitive skin and reduce the symptoms of sinus.

MYR 6.90

Sinus Lotion 90ml

Helps to eliminate symptoms of nasal and oily skin problems. Suitable for sensitive skin.

MYR 6.90

Anti Pimple Lotion 90ml

To help skin problems such as pimple, pigmentation and uneven skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and oily skin problems.

MYR 6.90

Men Health Herbs 50capsules

Traditionally used to provide energy and vitality men.


Kacip Fatimah Herbs (Married Women) 50 capsules

Traditionally used to easier the menstrual period, relieve vaginal discharge, healthy uterus after childbirth, relieve menstrual cramps and fatigue.

MYR 19.90

1000 Used Herbs 50capsules

Traditionally used to relieve pain and warm bodies.  Urination flow, sinus and blood flow.

MYR 19.90

Malaysia Ginseng (Tongkat Ali) 50capsule

Traditionally used to increase energy and get rid of tiredness due to exhaustion.

MYR 19.90

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sinus Herbs 50 capsules

Traditionally used to relieve sinus and itchiness on face.

MYR 19.90

Gas Removes Herbs 50capsules

Traditionally use to relieve the gas in the body and smoothen blood circulation.

MYR 19.90

Kidney Stones Herbs 50capsules

Traditionally used to facilitate urination, remove the kidney stones slowly.

MYR 19.90

Feminine Herbs (Girls Health) 50capsules

Traditionally used to relieve vaginal discharge and smooth the blood circulation .

MYR 19.90

Feminine Herbs II (Women Health) 50 capsules

Traditionally used to relieve vaginal discharge, easier the menstrual period, remove body wind, menstrual cramps, backache and fatigue.

MYR 19.90

Mind Pill (Brite A-Call) 100 tablet

Traditionally used in homeopathy to maintain health and fitness of body and intelligent mind.

MYR 22.00

Balsam 20gm

Traditionally used to relieve indigestion, stomach, headache, dizziness, joint aches, numbness hands and feet, relieve mild vomiting, and insect bites.

1. Balsam Clove
2. Balsam Ginger
3. Balsam Sea Cucumber
4. Balsam Nutmeg
5. Balsam Lemongrass

MYR 5.90/each

Massage Oil 65ml

Traditionally used to relieve bloating, headaches, muscles pain, toothache,joint aches, minor wounds, stomachache, mild itching and insect bites.

1. Oil Kayu Merah
2. Oil Clove
3. Oil Kayu Putih
4. Oil Lemongrass
5. Oil Nutmeg

MYR 6.90/each

Mangosteen, Dragon Fruit & Roselle Juice 380ml

Mangosteen is believed to have a natural antioxidants and high of Vitamin A. Mangosteen peel is rich with mineral sources and high antioxidant and help to slow the aging process. Suitable for the whole family.

Mangosteen + Dragon Fruit + Roselle

MYR 15.00